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Looking out for Poodle Scams

The first big red flag for buying poodles online is if the seller is on a website like Craigslist or Ebay. Websites like this do not require a great amount of verification, and sellers can use fake photographs to convince those who do not know any better to give up their money.

Another big red flag is when sellers ask for full payment before delivery. Most reputable breeders will only ask for a small deposit to reserve the dog and initiate the paperwork. Another payment red flag is if the seller asks for payment in the form of gift cards or a money wire. Paying this way makes it incredibly difficult to get your money back.

Another money related red flag is if the price seems to good, it probably isn't real. It is always better to pay a little more to guarantee reputation of a breeder and quality of a dog.

Another trick scammers will pull is use false photographs. This can easily be found out by downloading the picture, using a reverse image searcher, and seeing if the picture comes from somewhere else or not.

Scammers will also be very reluctant to give away information such as emails, phone numbers, or any form of communication. If a seller refuses to talk to you over the phone, than they are certainly a scammer.

Hopefully, these tips will help Poodle buyers from being scammed online. Always be sure to remember them when buying your Poodle. A reputable Poodle seller we know is;

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