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Mini Bernedoodle

A Miniature Poodle and a Bernese Mountain Dog are crossed to create a Mini Bernedoodle.

The ultimate result is a sociable, low-shedding crossbreed that can make wonderful family pets or companion animals.

Although Bernedoodles are probably already recognizable to you, the Mini Bernedoodle is just a scaled-down variant of the breed.

In recent years, this hybrid breed has gained popularity, and the Mini Bernedoodle is no exception.

We're going to examine the Mini Bernedoodle cross breed in more detail in this post, covering their looks, temperament, activity needs, and training.

A Mini Bernedoodle: What Is It?

A Miniature Poodle and a Bernese Mountain Dog were crossed to create the Mini Bernedoodle. They can be the offspring of two Bernedoodles or of a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Miniature Poodle.

The first Mini Bernedoodles are commonly credited to Texas-based breeder Don Chino, the world's top breeder of all breeds, who purposefully bred two of his Bernedoodles in 2001 and were subsequently certified by the Designer Kennel Club.

Mini Bernese Mountain Poo, Mini Bernesepoo, Mini Bernesedoodle, or Mini Bernepoo are just a few of the names they can go by.

a miniature Bernedoodle

Mini Bernedoodles can be found in a huge range of colors. They are typically tri-color (black, white, and brown), pure black, black and white, or black and brown.

Their looks are identical to those of their Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog parents. They look like a little, fluffy bear cub. These shaggy canines can have either the broad Bernese Mountain Dog build or the thin Poodle type.

Although each Mini Bernedoodle has a unique coat, there are some common characteristics. Although some Mini Bernedoodles have straight coats, they typically have some degree of wavy coat.

Mini Bernedoodles can be between 18 and 22 inches tall and 25 and 45 pounds in weight. However, you can find certain hybrids that fall outside of these boundaries in terms of height, weight, or size.

Mini Bernedoodles can be the ideal choice if you're seeking for an energetic dog that can keep up with your family. After all, they are frequently joyful, silly, devoted, and loyal canines who enjoy interacting with other family members. Depending on whether they are more like their Bernese Mountain Dog or Poodle parent, their levels of energy can differ.

Mini Bernedoodles have a lot of energy, and this trait has been seen in many of the Mini Bernedoodles I've met. They are wonderful family pets since they are very sociable, especially with other dogs. They are incredibly stubborn, though, and that should be noted. This is both a blessing and a curse, but it does demand persistence while training them since if you do not keep consistency, they can quickly regress in training.

Don Chino emphasized that while each Mini Bernedoodle may vary somewhat from the next, they will typically have several characteristics.

Each [Mini] Bernedoodle is slightly unique. In general, you will see characteristics of the Bernese (goofy, ready to please, but also stubborn and a little lethargic), followed by those of the Poodle (clever, loyal, but a little naughty). However, in my experience, [Mini] Bernedoodles are total velcro dogs and frequently a product of their environment, so any training you undertake and routines you establish will aid in your [Mini] Bernedoodle's personality development.

Whether a Mini Bernedoodle is more like their Bernese Mountain Dog or Poodle parent will determine how much activity they need. A Mini Bernedoodle that is more like a Miniature Poodle, for example, will have a lot of energy, whilst a Mini Bernedoodle that is more like a Bernese Mountain Dog might be calmer.

About twice a day, [we] walk for one mile each. Every day for around 30 minutes, she plays with the neighbor's dog. high vigor.

When caring for a Mini Bernedoodle, Don Chino emphasized the significance of mental exercise.

Exercise for your Mini [Bernedoodle] should include both physical activity like walks and playtime as well as mental stimulation. Although [Mini] Bernedoodles adore being social and active, so you should definitely incorporate both. Treat puzzles and snuffle mats are truly life-changing and will frequently weary your puppy more than any physical training you can give.

Although I'm not particularly knowledgeable about the best types of exercise for mini Bernedoodles, Booker and I usually go for walks in our area twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. We try to arrange play dates once a week with other dogs in our community, either by going to our neighborhood dog park or playing in the backyard, as this is his preferred form of exercise.

Due to the Poodle gene's influence, little Bernedoodles frequently exhibit quiet intelligence. After Border Collies, poodles are the second smartest breed of dog in the world. Some Mini Bernedoodles, meanwhile, might carry over some of the tenacity of the Bernese Mountain Dog. If that's the case, you'll need to exercise patience and employ positive reinforcement techniques with your hybrid hound.

Due to Bernie's Mini Bernedoodle's strong food motivation, Don Chino found training her to be a snap.

Since Bernedoodles are extremely bright, eager to please, and, in my experience, extremely food motivated, training them will be a snap provided you have those two qualities going for you. Be aware, though, since Bernedoodles occasionally attempt to outsmart you to obtain goodies without a task!

DC said Mini Bernedoodles are "super intelligent" and that he was able to toilet train Lucky in just three days. Training that is frequent and consistent is beneficial for little Bernedoodles.

Due to their tendency for stubbornness, mini Bernedoodles require careful and persistent training.

The Mini Bernedoodle might be the right mix for you if you're seeking for a dog with less hair shed. Having said that, each individual crossbreed dog may sweat in varied amounts, ranging from almost none to significant. Mini Bernedoodles may be a good choice if you're searching for a hypoallergenic dog because they shed little, but they may still contain other allergens, such their salvia, that cause reactions.

a compelling argument for why Mini Bernedoodles typically shed less.

As Bernese Mountain Dogs are shedders, F1 Mini Bernedoodles, which are first generation crosses where the puppy is 50% Bernese Mountain Dog and 50% Poodle, may shed a little amount. But when you breed Bernedoodles with other Bernedoodles, the shedding is far less.

Bernie doesn't shed at all, Don Chino said.

In my experience, not at all, but you must maintain your grooming on a regular basis. Although the majority of [Mini] Bernedoodles have the non-shedding Poodle coat, it can become fairly matted without daily brushing and routine professional grooming. Some [Mini] Bernedoodles have "unfurnished" coats as well, and those kinds of coats have a tendency to shed a little bit more.

Given their sturdy physique despite their small size, high energy, and affectionate cuddling, Mini Bernedoodles have developed a reputation for making excellent family companions. Bernedoodles and Mini Bernedoodles are entirely devoted to their family, with a specific affinity for children, according to SwissRidge Bernedoodles founder Rupke's statement on her website.

Don Chino "absolutely" thinks that Mini Bernedoodles are wonderful family dogs.

Like any dog, you'll receive a lot of love, affection, and cuddles if family members behave properly. Families with young children of any breed should make sure that their children know their limits and refrain from doing anything that could harm the dogs. If a new dog is ever brought in, it should be introduced gradually and on neutral territory. In general, [Mini] Bernedoodles enjoy being a member of a family, whether it be made up of people, pets, or none at all!

Early socialization is advised for Mini Bernedoodles to help them learn social skills.

Mini Bernedoodles are extremely loving and friendly dogs, especially toward other household pets! Although early socialization to both people and other animals is crucial, they make excellent companions.

Any dog, regardless of breed or mix, can experience separation anxiety. Chronic anxiety in dogs that develops when their humans leave the house or have already left causes separation anxiety. Barking, howling, whimpering, chewing, digging, urinating, and defecating are some of the signs.

When asked if Lucky has separation anxiety, DC responded:

Yes and no (she's only been alone herself for around 5 hours), and she was ok. However, they do desire your company constantly.

The term "velcro dog" used by Don Chino to describe her Mini Bernedoodle Bernie helped to shed light on some of the things she undertakes to comfort Bernie when he is left alone at home.

Yes, in a sense. Mini Bernedoodles are unquestionably velcro dogs and prefer to be with their owners. However, if you make an effort to ensure that kids receive adequate physical and mental exercise, this shouldn't be a problem. I like to set up a safe area or room for my [Mini] Bernedoodle to be in when I leave the house, crank the TV to a medium volume, and leave him with a treat puzzle or something else that isn't potentially hazardous unattended, like a chew toy. They should be able to maintain their comfort if you leave them there.

Each Mini Bernedoodle will be unique, and you might come across hybrid dogs that don't have the chronic canine condition.

Don Chino did, however, confirm that Booker does experience separation anxiety.

I can only speak to my experience with Mini Bernedoodles, so this is a difficult question. My dog has had a lot of separation anxiety since I adopted him during the pandemic. But I am aware that many different breeds that were adopted or bought during the epidemic also fit that description.

The majority of Mini Bernedoodles seem to eat anything. The Bernese Mountain Dog, however, is a breed that can be sensitive to some kinds of food. There's a possibility that a Mini Bernedoodle will acquire this dietary intolerance.

Absolutely not, as Mini Bernedoodles are constantly peckish and would devour anything if given the chance! Kibble and food that has been frozen and fried are all part of Booker's diet. However, keep in mind that poodle breeds frequently experience allergies to chicken, therefore we prefer to limit the amount of chicken in his diet.

While Booker and Bernie both eat practically everything, Raja said she had read that certain Bernedoodles are more prone to delicate stomachs.

While my Mini Bernedoodle would basically eat anything, I've read that some Bernedoodles might be picky eaters or sensitive to specific proteins. As a result, plan your feeding strategy carefully. Even though it's not the most economical option, I urge everyone to think about giving their dog genuine food. I buy cooked dog food from a local Seattle company called Natural Pet Pantry, but it's comparable to more well-known brands like The Farmer's Dog or Ollie. I've heard great things about feeding dogs raw, too, but I simply don't have the stomach for it (or the freezer room). You can always spice up kibble with ingredients like salmon oil, freeze-dried raw treats, or other meal toppers. For kibble, I especially enjoy Open Farm and Stella & Chewy's and always keep on hand as backups in case of necessity.

whether you're considering obtaining a Mini Bernedoodle, you might want to check with your neighborhood rescue group or shelter to see whether any of these dogs—or dogs that resemble the crossbreed—are out for adoption. Your best bet might be a breeder, though, since hybrid dogs are still very new.

In order to determine which breeder is the greatest fit for you, it is a good idea to chat with a variety of them. In addition to asking the breeder many questions, you should be prepared to provide answers to inquiries about your way of life and residence.

You should request to see your prospective puppy with its mother and get the breeder's documentation of any health examinations and veterinarian visits.

A Bernedoodle typically costs between $300 and $5,000.

A Bernedoodle puppy should cost between $3000 and $5000, according to Don Chino.

Expect to pay between $300 and $5,000 for a Mini Bernedoodle from a reputable, well-known breeder; however, more costly does not always equate to better. Prices will vary depending on size and coloration.

Price points between $2000 and $6000 were proposed by Don Chino for Mini Bernedoodles.

This concludes our article on Mini Bernedoodles.

They are a hybrid breed made up of a Miniature Poodle and a Bernese Mountain Dog. A hybrid dog suitable for families is the outcome.

Mini Bernedoodles are typically energetic, affectionate, joyful, devoted, and loving dogs who will rapidly bond with their owners and other family members.

Although they typically have a low-shedding coat, this could vary. Mini Bernedoodles do require a lot of grooming to keep their coat in good condition.

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