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Why you should Register your Poodle Mix

So you finally got your dream dog! Your new Poodle Mix is the cutest thing you've ever seen, and it's so unique too, but wait, how do you prove its lineage, or how do you prove its breed purity, or even who owns the dog? That's easy, actually; register your dog with Americas' Kennel Company!

When you register your dog with Americas' Kennel Company, not only do you get a Certificate of Registration that validates your ownership of a unique poodle breed, but you also become eligible to enter your dog into Americas' lineage database. In doing so, if the parents of your Poodle mix are registered with Americas, we can find them and show you in its pedigree. You can also register your Poodle mix as a Foundation dog, so that they can be the first of a new lineage.

You should also register your Poodle mix to validate its unique identity as a Designer Breed dog. Because Designer Breed dogs sometimes have uneven or unsure heritages, registering them with Americas' Kennel Company will solidify their breed and prove their identity. This can be useful in scenarios das living in an apartment that doesn't allow certain breeds, or even for future breeding with other Poodle mixes.

Another unfortunate truth is that dogs are often the target of bad breakups or separations. Registering your Poodle mix will help protect them from emotional stress by easily displaying proof of ownership via the registration, i.e. who's name the dog is registered under.

You can find how to register your poodle mix here;

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